Oil Spill Kit 90 Bin

Made in the UK

Product No: 0170/SK90/BIN

Our Drizit OIl Spill Kit 90 is primarily for outdoor use for dealing with hydrocarbons, solvents and other organic liquid spills that pose an environmental threat in areas such as:

  • at bulk storage
  • waste collection points
  • delivery points
  • near high risk areas

However, due to its size and shape this is an ideal spill kit for internal use and anywhere where volumes of liquids are stored, delivered or received.

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Oil Spill Kit 90 Bin

  • Product no 0170/SK90/BIN
  • Size 50 × 50 × 32 cm
  • Weight 12kg
  • Absorbency 77-94 litres


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Spill kit contents

  • 50 oil absorbent pads
  • 11 oil absorbent socks
  • 1 roll of Hazard Tape
  • 5 disposal bags and ties

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