Oil Spill Kits

Our comprehensive range of Oil Spill Kits offer you everything you need to clean up hydrocarbon spills, solvent spills and any other organic liquids. Like Oil Absorbents, they too are hydrophobic, and so will only absorb oils.

We supply them in a range of absorbency levels, from 5 litres to 1225 litres, and stored within wheelie bins, bunkers, PVC shoulder bags, snap handle bags and boxes.

In addition to our Oil Spill Kits, we also offer BSIF-Accredited Spill Response Training. This is aimed at ensuring key staff members on site know how to correctly respond in the event of an oil spill.

Alternative spill kits
If spills are likely to be of corrosive chemicals, please see our Chemical Spill Kits.

If spills are likely to be of non-corrosive liquids and aqueous liquids, please see our Maintenance Spill Kits.

Oil Spill Kits
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Darcy Spillcare is a leading provider of oil spill kits with a vast array of kit sizes and support. Oil spills in the workplace are not only irritating, they can be dangerous. Ensuring that your staff are aware of the location of your spill kits and trained on how to use is vital in the workplace.

What is an Oil Spill Kit?

Oil Spill Kits are an essential item for use in effective spill response. They are made up of a selection of absorbent materials designed to quickly resolve any unexpected oil spillages within your workplace. They’re designed for workspaces which regularly handle oil, such as:

  1. Oil and Gas Industry: This industry deals with the exploration, production, refining, and transportation of oil and gas. Oil spill kits are essential to quickly contain and clean up oil spills that may occur during any of these operations.
  2. Transportation Industry: This includes industries such as shipping, trucking, and railroads that transport oil and other hazardous materials. Oil spill kits are often required by law for these industries to mitigate the impact of any spills.
  3. Manufacturing Industry: Some manufacturing processes involve the use of oils or other hazardous chemicals, such as in the production of plastics or chemicals. Oil spill kits are necessary in case of accidental spills that may occur during these processes.
  4. Construction Industry: Construction sites often use heavy machinery that runs on oil or fuel, which can lead to spills. Oil spill kits are necessary to quickly contain and clean up any spills that occur on construction sites.
  5. Marine Industry: This industry includes shipping, boating, and fishing. Oil spill kits are crucial to quickly contain and clean up any oil spills that may occur on ships or boats.

All of our oil spill kits are designed and made with hydrophobic materials, enabling them to only absorb hydrocarbons and avoid water absorption.

What’s included in an Oil Spill Kit?

Each oil spill kit will have a slightly different set of items within it depending on brand, absorbency size and use case. Generally speaking, an oil spill kit will contain a mix of absorbent pads, nappies, booms, cushions, socks and disposal bags. Certain larger kits may also come with absorbent rolls, hazard barrier tape, sealing putty and drain covers.

What are Oil Spill Kits used for?

Oil spill kits contain the tools and inventory to contain hazardous oil spills in case of emergency. Thought must be given to the placement of your spill kits around your worksite. They should be in close proximity to areas prone to having oil based accidents and spillages, much in the same way you would consider the placement of fire extinguishers.

Why buy Oil Spill Kits from Darcy?

Darcy is a trusted provider of workplace pollution prevention equipment and our spill kits are renowned for their quality and consistency which makes us the professionals choice when it comes to spill response products.

Darcy products are manufactured in the UK and, as a result, we offer rapid shipping options. Additionally, we’re easy to contact through telephone, email and live chat to provide additional technical and customer support should you need it. 

Which Oil Spill Kit Do I Need?

Darcy offers a large range of different spill kits for oil, with absorption ratings of 15 litres up to 1200 litres. This range and choice can be intimidating for first time customers. 

A helpful way to identify which size would best suit your site is to consider the amount of fluids contained on-site. We would advise that you maintain a supply of oil spill kits with capacity to absorb around ⅓ of the total volume kept on site. Like fire extinguishers, it’s best to spread them around (relevant) areas. It’s better to place them strategically, more small kits spaced evenly rather than a large centralised kit.

Note that our Oil Spill Kits are available in two varieties;

Oil Spill Kits with white pads and socks – These will only soak up oil while repelling water, allowing you to remove oil spills contaminated with water or to use outside.

The Drizit Antistatic range of oil spill kits- these are hydrophobic and are designed for use in absorbing highly flammable liquids where the risk of a static charge causing a fire or explosion exists.

Our Oil Spill kits are all available for next day delivery

Our Oil Spill Kits are available for next day delivery on orders placed before 14:30pm*. Orders placed after this time will be processed and despatched on the next working day.

Need to restock? We also stock a wide variety of refills for Oil Spill Kits

Showing 1–15 of 32 results