Multi Skimmer

Made in the UK

Product No: 0443/TMK/HEAD

A medium sized skimmer containing four rotating interchangeable oleophilic Disc or Brush Drum banks.

The skimmer excels in all types of oil from light through to heavy due to the oleophilic disc/brush banks.

As the Disc or Brush banks rotates through the water, oil adheres to the surfaces, and is then scrapped off the collection surface and deposited into the central sump of the skimmer head.

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Multi Skimmer

  • Product no 0443/TMK/HEAD
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Product Overview

Skimmer details

With the standard build in closed cell foam floats the skimmer is compact and perfect for skimming operations in calm waters and narrow locations. When used with the optional external floats the sea keeping characteristics are excellent even for troubled water

The skimmer is able to resist a load of 100 kg and is equipped with four lifting point to enable safe lifting.

Depending on the oil type, viscosity, slick thickness, and temperature the skimmer can recover up to 24 tons per hour, with very low water content of between 2-5%.

Delivered in combination with a power pack with built in suction pump (sold separately) the skimmer system is easy to operate. The Power Pack can be utilized independently as a hydraulic power source or a powerful transfer pump.

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