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Product No: 440

Operated manually or triggered by means of automatic sensors Draintector isolates part or the whole of a site ensuring the retention of spillages or fire-fighting run-off on site.

Draintector™ drain isolation system rapidly seals drains, stopping pollution of the watercourse at the flick of a switch.

With simple, low-cost installation requiring no major civil works, Draintector™ is far more cost effective than mechanical gate and penstock valves and is installed in a fraction of the time with minimal disruption to business operation

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Drain closure systems provide instant security against the polluting of controlled waters.

Draintector™ can be used as a preventative measure to seal drains at time of high risk including deliveries and during site maintenance. It can also be used in an emergency situation, in the event of a spill or fire, to rapidly block the drain preventing hazardous liquids and firewater runoff entering controlled waters.

The system comprises a control panel located above ground that operates a closure system installed within the site drain system without affecting the flow in normal conditions. When activated, the closure system seals the drain ensuring no pollutants or firewater runoff pass through.

Use: As a preventive measure

To seal drains at times of high risk including deliveries and during site maintenance

Use: In an emergency

In the event of a spill or fire rapidly blocks the drain preventing hazardous liquids and firewater run off entering controlled waters

Activation methods

Manual – Enables activation locally at the control panel via push button.  Ideal for preventative measures preventing pollution

GSM – Enables activation remotely via text message.  Ideal where access to control panel is not possible due to fire or hazardous spill

Automated – Enables activation automatically via business management systems and other pollution monitoring systems

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